Yes, after conversion to CNG the vehicle can run on petrol also.
Yes, diesel vehicles can also be converted in to CNG but the conversion cost is comparatively high
There is no harm to the engine by using CNG
CNG kit is safe and simple . It doesn’t require frequent servicing. Just as for all other fuels, it is advised to have routine services. An authorized person should be consulted for service.
Digital / Analog meter is fitted to the dash board which indicates quantity of CNG left in cylinder .
The fuel usage cost will be reduced up-to 50%
CNG vehicles are popular in Europe, Canada, USA , New Zealand, Australia , Pakistan and in India .
Yes, it is safe. The properties of CNG make it a safe fuel. It is lighter than air, so in case of a leak it just rises up and disperses into the atmosphere.CNG will not burn even in presence of spark if the concentration is less than 5% and more than 15%
CNG cylinders are manufactured from a special steel alloy and are seamless in construction. Their compact size allows them to easily fit into a small car. An empty CNG cylinder with a 50 liter-water-carrying capacity weighs 48 kg (approximately), and has a length of 835 mm and a diameter of 316 mm.
CNG stands for compressed natural gas. It is gaseous fuel and is a mixture of hydrocarbons mostly Methane. For using it in Automobiles as fuel, it is compressed to a pressure of 200-250 Kg/cm² to enhance the vehicle on-board storage capacity.
All spark-ignited engines can be converted to CNG, but a specially designed conversion kit is required for this purpose. The kit consists of a cylinder to be fixed in the boot of the car and other equipment to allow gas flow into the engine.
A CNG cylinder with a 50 liter-water-carrying capacity is capable of carrying 8 kg of CNG which is equivalent to 12 liters of petrol. The millage will vary from vehicle to vehicle. For beater idea please calculate your savings in savings calculator .
The billing is calculated by advanced equipment’s . Transactions can be done both in cash and cashless forms.
Natural gas is a clean fuel & the fuel of choice . natural gas emits less fragments of carbon monoxide hence the exhaust fumes are so small .


The system is designed in such a way that the chance of occurrence accidents is remote
PNG is mainly methane – CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane and hence it the cleanest fuel. It is extracted from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines across the country
Customers can call to the customer care (or) can address there queries through our website.
Yes, it is compactable with your present gas connection
Yes, it is possible to transfer the ownership . By filling the owner ship transfer form.
Yes, the supply is regular. We will provide our customers an uninterrupted supply of gas
Most of the LPG appliances can be readily used with PNG , At max a small modification is required for few appliances .
A domestic PNG connection includes conversion of one LPG appliance to PNG, laying of associated pipeline network, along with necessary fittings, pressure regulator and a meter.
Cost of PNG connection is dependent on the type of house and installation. Applicable interest free refundable security deposit of Rs.5000 is needed to be deposited. For further details contact our costumer care TOLL FREE 18001231803
Billing is done by advanced equipment’s which can be paid in online as well as offline
The LPG connection can be surrendered to the respective oil company and security deposit can be obtained in return .
PNG is not stored at one place , As it continuously flow through the pipeline .