Domestic PNG

Domestic PNG


More and more people are experiencing the advantage and comfort of living with Meghagas. Megha Gas is a clean, convenient energy source to cook, heating water, heat space and gives you complete control. Clean and efficient natural gas keeps your family comfortable and helps you save money.

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is the smart energy choice which can replace LPG with significant benefits.

PNG Benefits

Enjoy these benefits of natural gas when you switch:

  • Efficient and cost-effective - Clean-burning fuel that provides excellent cost-benefit. It can reduce LPG costs up to 40%.
  • Naturally clean energy - Large amount of energy without leaving residue in the combustion chamber.
  • Safety - Lighter than air, dissipates quickly and reduces occurrences of explosions.
  • Uninterrupted supply - Reserves with capacity for many years guarantees continuous supply.
  • Convenience and easy adjustment - Does not require stocking at the point of consumption and it can be easily installed and adjusted.
  • Room saving - No need for storing gas cylinders, which allows space saving.
  • Control over expenses - Pay exactly the volume consumed, always after consumption

Request for Connection

If you're thinking you want to switch to Natural gas for your home - but how exactly do you kick start the process of getting gas into your home? And what happens between now and then?

Documents Required

Customer needs to provide the following documents along with the application

  • Id proof (PAN Card/Voter Id Card/Driving License/Passport/Aadhar Card).
  • Address Proof(Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Copy of Sale Deed/Copy of Rent Agreement).
  • 1 Color Passport size Photograph

The domestic PNG customer needs to deposit payment of INR 5000.00 in form of Cheque/DD/PO in favor of Meil.

  • An interest free refundable security of INR 4500/- per domestic connection towards the Security of equipment's and facilities defined in the PNGRB Regulations 2008.
  • A non-refundable payment of INR 500/- per domestic connection towards application processing charges
  • Application for Domestic PNG connection
  • Request for Domestic PNG connection
    The Gas Hub Customer Team


    • Use only approved gas appliances
    • Keep the windows open or exhaust fan on, while using the gas
    • Check and replace the rubber tube
    • Connect the gas appliances and valve correctly
    • Turn off the valve when the gas is not in use
    • Check and maintain the setup regularly


    • Don't use LPG cylinder in PNG Burner
    • For any PNG Pipeline repairing work, inform Megha Gas & get your work done only by MEIL approved mechanics after checking their identity card.
    • Don't use spray cans or cleaning solvent, or leave papers or clothes near gas appliances.
    • Don't tamper with the PNG Pipeline
    • Do not leave gas stove unattended after use